The most dangerous disorders are those in the northeast sector of housing or office space. What should we expect in relation to the health if in nerth east sector are irregularities? Serious disturbances in the NE sector, combined with disturbances in other directions, disrupt the bioenergetic field and cause cancer. Uncontrolled and chaotic behavior of bioenergy fields is similar to the chaotic division of cancer cells that uncontrollably are expanding and growing. Vastu claims that violated bioenergy fields impair health and contribute to this problem. Thus, irregularities in the NE sector greatly contribute in developing the disease.

Irregularities NE sector: if there is toilet, if there are no openings (windows, doors), if it is obscured by the surrounding buildings, trees or a hill, .. Depending on additional disorders in other sectors, individual body organs suffer aswell. Consideration should be given to the good and bad factors that we are exposed most of our life, that affect our health. Vastu is one of those factors and certainly contributes to health.

Health problems in case of disturbances NE sector: nervousness, liver, eye diseases, hips, sore throat, pancreas, anemia, itching, gallbladder and fatty tissue.

In most cases it is not possible in the present arrangement to make the conversion of rooms, so we made a powerful corrections that improve bioenergetic field. Correction, of any kind, it is best to determine by vastu expert, but some general you can make on your own immediately.

1. always make sure that north, north east and east sector are at least burdened. That means, keep less furniture in that part of the room, part of the flat, house or business place. Burden more southwest, west and south sector.
2. Regularly clean, maintain hygiene of space, clean up.

These two things will certainly affect your Vastu to be better, but we recommend that you consult Vastu expert to do the analysis of space and recommend appropriate adjustments.